Programs & Services

Initial Behavior Consultation

1. Initial Training or Behavior Consultation.

Includes a comprehensive training and behavior goals questionnaire, completed by the pet parent and sent to us prior to the initial consultation, and a dog/puppy personality profile completed by the pet parent and trainer during the initial consultation as well.
Obediance Program

2. Canine Good Manners Program

Every dog & puppy should know and obey 12 basic commands. We educate your canine companion conveniently in your home. Basic commands include sit, down, off, leave it , drop it, etc.
Behavior Modification Program

3. Behavior Management Program

Behavior management programs are specifically designed for every client. We specialize in behavior problem prevention & behavior problem solving.

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We will employ the use of widely accepted principles of behavior modification and treatment so we can work with you in solving your dogs’ behavioral problems. Listed below are some common problems:
  • accidents in the house
  • aggression towards other animals, other dogs, owners
  • anxiety/nervousness
  • excessive barking
  • begging
  • behavioral problems after a house move
  • biting
  • bolting out doors/car doors
  • chasing vehicles
  • chewing
  • climbing walls/fences
  • jumping on people, out windows, on walls/fences
  • depression
  • destroying furniture, other property, yard
  • digging
  • dominance
  • eating own fecal matter
  • excessive licking or sniffing
  • fearful behavior
  • finicky eating
  • growling
  • hyperactivity
  • introducing new babies or new pets
  • jumping
  • keeping off furniture
  • killing other animals
  • marking/dominance
  • mouthing
  • over protectiveness
  • pestering problems
  • phobias
  • pica
  • pulling/straining on the leash
  • running away
  • scratching
  • self-mutilation
  • separation anxiety
  • sexual mounting
  • snarling or snapping
  • stealing personal items or food of
  • stealing food
  • submissive urination
  • sympathy lameness
  • territorial issues
  • whining

4. In Person Consulting Services

Some of the services we offer include:
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • New Baby and Dog Safety
  • Poison Awareness and Control
  • First Aid
  • Preadoption Consultation
  • New Puppy & Dog Selection Guidance

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